The Future of Asthma Research

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The Future of Asthma Research

Asthma is a problem that has bee with us for awhile and we still have much to learn about the condition. Despite the great technological advances have been made in the field of medicine in the past few decades, the percentage of those who suffer from asthma has doubled to the point where it now effects 10 percent of Americans.

Asthma Begins Early On

For the majority of patients asthma has an early onset, usually starting due to events that occur prenatally and immediately postnatal as well. Immune related processes and responses are affected by environmental factors like allergens and infections. This can alter the way the immune system develops and it can alter the airway functioning by leading to inflammation.

Genetic responses are now becoming a significant factor in deciding the response to treatment.

Innate vs. Adoptive Immunity

Research is now beginning to be directed towards determining which factors determine how much of an immunity to airborne allergens and infections is adopted from interacting with the environment and how much of it is innate from the time the child is born.


Research on issues of tolerance to environmental triggering factors can unlock the key to being able to establish the important factors of asthmatic tolerance so as to help direct patients towards building their own resistance to naturally asthma triggering factors in their natural environment.



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