Five Treatment Options that Can Reduce Asthma Symptoms

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Five Treatment Options that Can Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is characterized by an inability to breathe due to airways becoming inflamed. As a result, you will find that your breath becomes short, that you wheeze or cough, or that you feel as though you can't breathe at all. Symptoms are lifelong, so it's all the more important for you to find the proper treatment options. Medication such as inhalers can make a huge difference in your life, but so can a few other options like the following:

1. Avoid triggers – Triggers include such objects or conditions that can exacerbate your condition and make breathing difficult. These vary for some people, but examples include unclear air, certain foods, and too much physical activity.

2. Use a peak flow monitor – This monitor allows you to determine the health of your airways on that particular day. You can track how well your lungs are doing and make lifestyle changes accordingly. For example, on a day with lesser airway function, you may want to avoid triggers. This meter can also predict a future attack.

3. Use other medications – Inhalers can make a huge difference in quick circumstances. You may also want to speak to your doctor about other medications that work on a long-term basis to reduce your symptoms. These medications typically keep the airways open to improve breathing. You should take them daily.

4. Track your symptoms – A peak flow monitor can help plenty, but you should also track your symptoms personally. You can use a website, an app, or even a physical journal to do so. Write down your daily symptoms, triggers, and if you had an asthma attack. This information can help you and your doctor in the future.

5. Visit your doctor often – You and your doctor should schedule regular checkups to ensure that your symptoms don't get worse. You can also take this time to adjust your medications if you take any and to discuss any other treatment options.



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