Be Aware Of The Household Products that Trigger An Asthma Attack

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What things in my home can cause an asthma attack?

Be Aware Of The Household Products that Trigger An Asthma Attack

Asthma attacks affect different people in various ways based on what triggers the attack. Commonly, people feel a tightness in their chest, itchy throats, wheezing and coughing. While triggers can range from poor outdoor air quality to sudden changes in air temperature, many things inside our homes can bring on an episode. If you have asthma, avoid the following:

Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products have a harsh chemical smell that irritates the lungs, especially cleansers and air fresheners. You can pick non-scented products and open windows to diffuse the strong oders.

Personal Hygiene Products

Like cleaning chemicals, some personal hygiene products such as perfumes, deodorants and shampoos contain strong smells that cause an asthma attack. Try to pick lightly-scented products to lessen the chance of an episode.

Secondhand Smoke

People with asthma should stay away from any secondhand smoke. Prevent asthma attacks by not allowing people to smoke in your home.



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